Hearts Without Homes Ngor 08/12/2016

Hearts Without Homes

JET 24/FOX66 is introducing you to teens looking for a forever home.  This month we’re featuring a young lady who is smart, motivated and loves an adventure.

” Because I have autism, it doesn’t mean I’m not smart ,it means that I am smart and that I can do things.”  These wise words are those of Ngor, a 15 year old who says she doesn’t let anything hold her back.  For the first time, she’s getting her nails and makeup done by the experts at Fortis Institute Cosmetology School.

She says she loves picking out nail polish colors and wearing makeup, “I think it’s pretty nice.  I get to have my nails professionally done.”

The soon-to-be Sophomore in high school loves to learn.  She’s entering into a practical nursing program in the fall, “because I love helping people and that stuff, that is my favorite thing to do.”

She makes her school work a priority.  She says she’s hoping for a family to help her achieve her academic goals.  “I like to stay home and do homework and I would like them to help me with my homework if I need help.”

When she’s not studying, she enjoys participating in track and other outdoor activities.  Even though she’s a busy teen, she wants a family to spend quality time with.  The holidays, she says, is when she most hopes for a family.  “I would envision, like, on Christmas… either staying at my house and having dinner and also having fun, like listening to music, on Christmas.”

For more information about Ngor, call Family Services of Northwestern Pennsylvania at 814-866-4549.

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