Hearts Without Homes Sabrina 10/07/2016

Hearts Without Homes

Hearts Without Homes

JET 24/FOX 66 are looking to help teens find warm and loving homes.  Please take a look at some local kids who are waiting for a family.  For information on adoption, please contact:

Family Services of Northwest Pennsylvania at 814-866-4549

JET 24/FOX 66 is helping children and teens find forever homes.  It’s all smiles with a girl hoping to find a family this month.  

From playing outside to singing along to songs on the radio, 16 year old Sabrina is full of life.  “She just has a contagious laugh, she loves to be around people; constantly smiling, just to have a kid all around,” says Amanda Bindics, Sabrina’s Case Worker.  She tells us Sabrina has progressed immensely in the past year.  “She loves to sing her ABC’s.  She’s working on it, we’re getting there even just when someone else is singing it she seems to really enjoy that.  She laughs and she tries to sing along.”

Amanda says Sabrina loves being a girl.  “The bows, the pink, the purple, everything.  She’s definitely a girly girl.”

She says Sabrina may require some extra attention, but she’s a bright girl deserving of a forever home.  “She’s got a great personality and she would definitely be a great addition, anything. And we will be lucky to have her.”

For more information, contact Family Services of Northwestern Pennsylvania at 814-866-4549.

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