This week’s Loving Giving Local turned into a pay-it-forward donation. Now, the Second Harvest Food Bank will invest the gift into feeding hungry people.

Every year, the Jewish Community Council of Erie (JCC) sends school students from all over the county to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Over the past decade, thousands have gone.

But even with the rise of antisemitism and the life-changing experience the museum provides, September is “Hunger Action month,” and the JCC decided to pay it forward to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

“It’s one of the pillars of Judaism, is that philanthropy and giving to other folks, in fact, it’s a moral obligation we have. So we’re so pleased to pass this along, and we know that $250 is going to feed 1,500 people. It makes us so pleased to be able to do that,” said Jeff Pinski, Jewish Community Council of Erie.

To feed hungry people, it not only takes food and money to buy it, but it takes hundreds of volunteers.  They’re here every week packing boxes for local food pantries.

“Everybody thinks the holidays time is the busiest time for us but it’s all year round, the need is there,“ said Karen Seggi, Second Harvest Food Bank executive director.

Second Harvest provides food for 11 counties in Northwest Pennsylvania, where more than 88,000 individuals are considered food insecure.

“For us to get here today and learn that the Jewish Community Council of Erie has paid it forward to the Second Harvest Food Bank, that is what Loving Giving Local is all about. It’s about taking care of people in our community, and the council realized a need to fight hunger, and here we are,” said Joe Askins, Sponsor, Auto Express.

There are a number of ways you can help feed those in need. Learn more on our website,