This week’s Loving Giving Local donation will help feed the hungry in Corry. The community’s food pantry was the lucky recipient of this week’s gift.

The Corry Area Food Pantry began in 1982 feeding 72 local families. Now it feeds hundreds of families one Friday every month.

Volunteers begin the process of gathering food the day before.

“On thursday we have the truck come in. We pick up stuff from second harvest. And also from local Sander’s Market, they put stuff in here. Sometimes during the week guys get stuff from Walmart or someone else in town that wants to donate food,” said Mike Gluvna, Corry Food Pantry volunteer.

And then the next day, a well-orchestrated group of volunteers packs and distributes the food.

“We fill up all these pallets in here, the coolers, and freezer. We have these lines here, and we have all these boxes that are donated by businesses and stuff. They start putting stuff in and they go out,” Gluvana said.

Each family receives three to four boxes of food. And qualified seniors get an extra box of food later in the month.

This week’s LGL donation will help buy more food or pay the utilities to help keep this building open and serving the community

“Whenever we can bring loving giving local to a food pantry we know that its going to stay right here in the community. And to come out to Corry today to learn this food pantry feeds 2,400 families a year and our donation is going right into this, that’s what Loving Giving Local is all about, supporting the community, and the Corry Food Pantry’s been doing it for years,” said Joe Askins, Auto Express Resale Center.

Join us again next week to learn what local non-profit gets a visit from Loving Giving Local.