Collecting and preserving the history of Corry, that’s the mission of the Corry Historical Society.

The Corry Historical Society Museum is located inside Mead Park.

Everything here is somehow connected to the region encompassing the Corry School District.

The main attraction is this climax locomotive, a thousand of them were built in Corry between 1888 and 1928.

They were used all over the world, mainly in the logging industry.

“That’s a B. It’s a climax. It was built here in Corry. There are several of them out and running.  There’s an A, the B, I’ve never seen a C,” said Loretta Beckerink, the Corry Historical Society secretary.

Besides the train, the museum is also home to this Corry fire truck, which responded to the Easter fire of 1970, that took the lives of five Corry firemen.

The local fire department has a lasting memorial for its fallen fire fighters.

For those studying the past, the museum has archives.

“We have a big archive room where people can come and do research. There are businesses in there, there’s schools. You name it, we got it,” said Beckerink.

I asked Loretta why she thought all of this was important for Corry.

“Because it’s the history. And if it wasn’t here, it would be in a landfill somewhere. So, it’s been brought here. Time and time again people have come in that door with something from Corry,” replied Beckerink.

“Any time we bring loving giving local to the City of Corry, it’s always a great thing.  For us to be able to visit the historical museum today, and to learn that it’s been in Corry since the 1960s and the donation we bring today is going to stay right here at the museum, that’s what Loving Giving Local is all about, and hopefully more people will come out and visit this awesome museum,” said Joe Askins, sponsor, Auto Express Resale Center.

The Corry Museum invites you to visit and take a walk-through history on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.