You see them everywhere you go throughout northwest Pennsylvania — EmergyCare ambulances.

This week, the local emergency service organization got a visit from Loving Giving Local.

EmergyCare has been the leading emergency medical services provider in Erie for 40 years. EmergyCare is a non-profit with more than 240 employees.

You see their ambulances at accident scenes, emergency incidents and at local hospitals.

“We offer services anywhere from wheelchairs and medical taxis all the way up to ground critical care transports with our critical care nurses and paramedics. Our major focus is providing safe efficient medical transportation and ensuring the safety of the communities we serve,” said David Basnak, EmergyCare’s executive director.

System-wide throughout northwest Pennsylvania, EmergyCare answers more than 70,000 calls every year.

They’ve got plenty of vehicles. What they need are more EMTs and paramedics.

“We’re also very short on help as well. In fact, even today, we have our latest EMT academy class where we have individuals that we’re paying an hourly wage to go through EMT class with the hope in the next couple of months to put them to work on the street after they complete their orientation,” said Basnak.

This week’s Loving Giving Local donation will be put toward purchasing neo-mate infant devices for all its ambulances. That’s so EmergyCare can safely transport the tiniest of patients.

“When you think about the health of a community, you immediately think of EmergyCare and all that they’ve done in our community for the past 40 years. For us to be able to deliver Loving Giving Local here today and to learn that our donation is going to be used for a device to help transport infants in their ambulances and stuff, that’s what Loving Giving is all about. It’s giving back to the community and EmergyCare is a great example,” said Joe Askins, sponsor, Auto Express Resale Center.