What started as a little country church at the edge of town in 1838 has grown into this massive fellowship in a former department store in Edinboro.

For McLane Church, the mission remains the same.

“We still try to preserve that commitment to the county or to the rural communities. So, we focus a lot on trying to do good in some of these corners of the county that sometimes get unnoticed or might be under-served. We think a lot about the Route 6 Corridor from Edinboro to Union City and trying to be a force for good in those communities and that region,” said Brian Kelly, senior pastor at McLane Church.

McLane Church received this week’s loving giving local donation from Auto Express. The funds were unanticipated but welcomed.

“We’ll use them as part of our community outreach programs that we operate here in Edinboro and Union City,” said Kelly.    

With the holidays here, the church partners with the local Kiwanis Club and the family support center in Union City to provide money and gifts for families in need.

“We brought them their donation today. It’s going into an outreach program. It’s going to serve the community. That’s what Loving Giving Local is all about,” said Joe Askins of the Auto Express Resale Center.

You can find McLane Church not only here in Edinboro, but also in Erie and Union City. You can also find them on the radio, online, and streaming on YouTube and Facebook, delivering the same message of Jesus for 185 years.

“While the way we do that has changed over the years, our commitment to doing that certainly has not changed,” said Kelly.