Presque Isle has been a state park now for 100 years and for more than 60 of those. An ongoing effort has been underway to keep track of the more than 300 species of birds that visit each year.

The goal is to keep track of the birds through an international network that traces their movements anywhere in the world.

“We capture the bird in a fairly fine net. The bird is not injured. We take it out of the net and we do measurements on it. We note the condition, see what age and sex it is then put a tiny aluminum band on it’s leg with special players,” said Sarah Sargent, Erie Bird Observatory.

The band has a number on it making each bird unique and can be traced if found again anywhere in the world, which is needed when you consider how much these birds travel.

“What’s amazing is that some of these birds are migrating from South America up to Canada right? These are small birds and they are migrating very long distances and this is one of the places they may stop along the way,” Sargent said,

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There are at least 339 species of birds that visit Presque Isle. Warblers are among the most popular and they are observed mid-May and also November.

Some bird banding is open to the public and bird walks are also held.

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