Day at the Beach- Be prepared for changing weather conditions as the season changes

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Presque Isle State park is beautiful all year round. That is especially true in Autumn, with all the brilliant colors of fall. However, the weather can change quickly this time of year.

Fall’s splendor can still be seen in our area, including at Presque Isle State Park, but with conditions that can change quickly this time of year, a hike away from your vehicle can turn dangerous quickly.

“Dress for the elements, all elements, even with leaves, ice, and snow, roads can be slippery, so use caution. We do have a 25 mph speed limit in the park so abide by the speed limit,” said Bryan Rogan, Presque Isle State Park.

Another issue this year is high water levels, which can make trails impassible and create some sloppy, muddy conditions.

“We’ll close areas from time to time and that is for safety reasons. So we ask for respect if you see barricades, cones, don’t go around them,” said Rogan.

Please, enjoy the beauty of fall at Presque Isle, but remember to stick to the 25 mph speed limit, respect cones and barricades, watch for areas of heavy mud, and remember to dress for any elements that can arise.

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