Day at the Beach – Boat Safety Reminders

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Summer weather often means a trip to the beach or even a ride on the water so Summer weather is also the time for a few reminders from the Coast Guard.

The members of the Coast Guard station Erie want you to know that if you get into the water while out on a boat in Lake Erie, they will be there to help.

But they’d also like you to know that there are things you can do before ever going out on the water that will help ensure a safe trip.

Be sure to have proper equipment like life vests, flares and a working radio with all things to be taken seriously.

“If you break down in a car on the side of the road you can wait for AAA, if the weather changes you can turn on your windshield wipers,” said Kyle Cummins with the Coast Guard.

“You break down on the water, the weather can change in a split second and not having the proper safety equipment on board could spell for life or death,” he added.

Different boats have different regulations depending on size, bigger boats requiring more equipment and the Coast Guard is going high tech to make all of that information available to you.

“The quickest and easiest listing that they could do is download the Coast Guard application on their phone they can look up any size vessel that they have and see all the requirements on board,” said Cummins.

For more information on the Coast Guard, you can head here.

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