Day at the Beach- Fourth of July Safety

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Big crowds are still expected at Presque Isle State Park for the holiday weekend despite COVID-19 concerns, and park rangers say they’ll be there to make sure everyone follows the rules…new and old.

It’s expected to be a busy weekend at Presque Isle State Park meaning it’s going to be a busy weekend for Presque Isle park rangers too. Celebrating America’s birthday will mean staying safe distances apart and wearing masks when dealing with non-family members.

On top of that, the rangers say the new normal doesn’t eliminate the old favorites…the top one is to stay under the legal speed limit.

“The speed limit is 25, starting down the hill from the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. You hit the speed bumps, you’re not doing 25, so don’t speed up after the speed bumps. We do watch and we do do traffic stops.” said Ranger Daniel Powell.

Bikers are asked to stay on the right side of the right lane on the roads, but stick to the multi-purpose trail if you have kids with you or want to travel slowly. And one big no-no is still in place this year… no alcohol

“Do not bring any alcohol here at the park whatsoever. We do have plainclothes here, we do have plain cars out there watching for the alcohol. If you get caught, you will be cited.” Ranger Powell said.

So, to recap, the plan is to safely have fun. So, keep safe distances, obey the speed limit, bike on the trail if possible. Also, clean up any litter and do not bring alcohol to the park.

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