Day at the Beach- Good Bugs at Presque Isle State Park

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Not all bugs are bad! That is the message coming from the staff at Presque Isle State Park.

Usually stories about bugs in the summer time are warnings…watch out for deer ticks and lyme disease…be careful of mosquitoes with West Nile.

But, the majority of insects on Presque Isle State Park actually play a vital role in maintaining the plant and animal life. If you see an unusual insect, park staff want to see it; a phone picture from the top and the side will do nicely.

“There are thousands of insects that come through here. Some of them are not very common, some of them are around all the time, like mosquitoes. So, getting some of those oddball ones and getting a record of them at some of these locations are important as well.” said Ray Bierbower.

Insects do more than just sustain the ecology of the park, they maintain the ecology of the planet. That’s why park staff promote green spaces anywhere in the community, from the TREC Center parking lot to your house.

“These little areas like this, your backyard, gardens throughout the city, the parks and things, those are important little areas for a lot of these guys. You may not see them, but they’re there.” Bierbower said.

So, let’s hear it for the good bugs… they provide food for birds and other animals. They are pollinators that rebuild plant life, and many of them eat the pest bugs too.

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