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The July 4th weekend is traditionally the busiest weekend of the year at Presque Isle State Park. Staff members say that good safety practices make for an enjoyable experience at the park, whether it’s a holiday weekend or not.

Holiday traffic means more cars on Presque Isle and more people on Presque Isle beaches. That means normal safety tips are even more important, like making sure to keep an eye on youngsters, who can get caught in water currents or lost in park crowds.

“We’d like to remind everyone when they’re coming out here especially when they have children under nine years old that there needs to be responsible adults watching them at all times.” said Bob North, manager of the lifeguards.

Another concern this year at Presque Isle is the flooded areas of the park that are due to the high lake levels. Areas have been posted but the easiest way to stay safe is with the help of a little common sense.

“They don’t know how deep it is when they see a lot of water,” said Bryan Hogan, supervisor of the park rangers. “Stay out of it…we’re going to put some caution signs up in different areas as we see the high waters go.”

Here are some tips to have a safe park experience this summer.

  • Watch the kids and watch out for high water areas
  • Check beach flags for danger. A reminder that green is go, yellow is caution and red is for no swimming.
  • Obey the 25 mile per hour speed limit on the park
  • Use common sense

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