Day at the Beach – Keeping Our Parks Clean (6/19/20)

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Keeping America beautiful is the national campaign aimed at fighting litter.

At Presque Isle State Park tha tmeans more than keeping the park tidy.

It’s vital to the park’s wildlife environment too.

It’s called “L.N.T.”, a phrase Presque Isle State Park staff hope visitors remember well.

Leave no trace, the idea when you leave the park, it’s in as good or even better shape than when you arrived.

“Anything that you take in with you, food wrappers, containers and stuff pack it out with you,” said Presque Isle State Park Official Ray Bierbower.

“If it’s something you can’t pack out with you, make sure you dispose of that properly.”

Litter is a massive issue at the park.

Volunteer groups work to clean the beaches, but staff members want visitors to police themselves.

If that doesn’t happen, the actual park police will be nearby to fine litter bugs and they’re getting out the word, they take it seriously.

“Just a cigarette out the window is litter and I have charged people for that, just a simple cigarette out the window,” said Presque Isle Park Police Ranger Dan Powell.

“We also have unmarked cars in the parking lots looking for trouble including littering and we will charge to the max.”

So remember, “L.N.T.” or leave no trace.

Police your area, stay on established paths, don’t make new ones, leave wildlife alone.

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