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A little relaxation can go a long way in dealing with our stressful lives these days, and the staff at Presque Isle have a suggestion for you. 

She’s 65 feet long..and at full capacity can hold 64 passengers. She’s the Lady Kate, the queen of Presque Isle boat tours. 5 times a day, she hosts 90 minute narrated tours of the waters around Presque Isle past three lighthouses. 

All you need is your imagination…well, unless the weather changes.

“Getting into August and September, we recommend bringing something with you just in case it’s a little bit cooler on the water. It’s usually 10 degrees cooler once you’re on the lake,” says Janis Guthrie of Presque Isle Boat Tours.

The water may be cooler, but the Lady Kate is still a hot ticket; mostly due to COVID restrictions that limit the number of passengers, and the fact that it’s a great way to limit stress at a time when people can really use it.

“It’s a neat way to see Presque Isle from the water side and a lot of people don’t know what Erie has to offer we do touch on what Presque Isle has to offer, what the bay side has to offer and it’s a really neat experience,” says Guthrie.

It’s a good idea to get your tickets ahead of time these days, because the Lady Kate can only seat 50 percent of capacity. You are also asked to wear a mask when on board. Click here for prices and times.

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