Day at the beach – New lines and signs at Presque Isle State Park

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Presque Isle State Park remains a busy place this summer as people look to get outside in the fresh air and fight off the COVID blues. Staff members at the park are taking extra steps to keep everyone safe. 

There’s a lot of ways to get around Presque Isle State Park: on foot, on wheels, and by car. Rangers are taking steps to keep the various means of getting around separate from each other. 

That means new lines and signs on the popular lake road so everyone knows where they’re supposed to be.

“We got the freshly painted white lines to indicate the multi-purpose trail, the yellow line to indicate the edge of the road, we ask that vehicles stay completely off the road so they’re not getting driven around into the trail and visa versa,” says Bryan Hogan of Presque Isle State Park.   

By clearly marking the areas where walkers, bikers and drivers should be, the end result should be a safer park for getting around. So far, the reaction from the public has been just that.

“Bikers and walkers are really happy with it because they are safer and some have been around a long time. So they know the difference between the way it was, and the way it is now so it’s overall safer and that’s the comments we’ve been getting,” says Hogan 

So let’s review, the multi-purpose trail is marked by new bright white lines. The edge of the roadway is painted yellow, any parked vehicles must be completely off the road, and follow the signs if you’re not sure. 

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