Day at the Beach- Presque Isle Lifeguards

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Big crowds are expected at Presque Isle over the Fourth of July, despite COVID-19 concerns. Lifeguards at the park have concerns too that go beyond safe distancing.

It’s being called a year like no other, and yet you can expect some familiar looks to the beaches at Presque Isle State Park. For the upcoming Fourth of July week, that means big crowds. Normally, all of the lifeguards are hired and trained by now. But, the COVID-19 shutdown pushed park plans back some too.

“We’re halfway through the training of our new guards, the start of the year really set us back a little bit like everybody else. We’re adapting and I think we’re adapting pretty well.” said Bob North, Lifeguard Manager.

That may mean smaller areas where swimming is allowed and more supervision from lifeguards to maintain safe distancing. One of the biggest concerns happens every year and has nothing to do with COVID-19. It’s about keeping track of young children when the beaches get crowded.

“Please, please be careful and watch your children particularly the ones under nine years of age. We’ll have big crowds out here and it only takes four or five secs before they get out of your sight and you can lose track of them.” North said.

Park managers are still looking to hire five or six more lifguards. Previous helps but it is not required.

Competitive swimmers also desired but no required. If you have questions about being a lifeguard for the summer, you can call 833-0526.

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