Day at the Beach – Staying Safe While Beating the Heat

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A lot of people have been visiting the beaches of Presque Isle looking to escape the 90+ degree temperatures, but park staff warn the dangers from the heat are just as real on the beaches too.

The waters of Lake Erie are a great escape from a week long heat wave, but at some point you have to get out of the water upon your visit.

That means walking across super heated sand which can burn not only human feet, but dog’s paws too.

This year sunscreen stations are available at the park as an additional buffer from the sun’s damaging days.

“But it’s something that we want to be able to provide to the public as an added source of protection from the sun while out here enjoying the beaches of Presque Isle or just any aspect of Presque Isle,” said Steve Dunsmore with the Presque Isle Lifeguards.

Grillers should also make sure to use specific charcoal receptacles so that fires don’t start in the trash cans.

But the best advice in beating the heat at the beach may be moderation.

“If you spend some time in the sun just make sure you are also taking some time to replenish those fluids that are getting taken out of you that you are losing and make sure you are finding some shade as well,” Dunsmore said.

Be sure to use sunscreen, wear shoes or even socks when walking on sand, keep pets leashed back at the treeline and off hot sand, use charcoal receptacles after grilling and most of all don’t overdo it.

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