PI 100- Fundraisers return to Presque Isle State Park

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One of the ways that the Presque Isle Partnership is celebrating the park’s 100 year anniversary is through a unique park challenge. The partnership is also announcing the return of Discover Presque Isle this summer.

The “My PI 100” challenge may well be the most wide open competition ever. For a fundraising fee, you can literally do anything, as long as it’s on Presque Isle and it involves 100 of whatever. This includes biking, walking, collecting rocks, anything.

In the week since the contest was announced, the partnership has received over 150 challenges already.

“This is probably my favorite because we’ve all been masked up for a very long time and it’s tough to, in passing, get a nice greeting. This person is going to say hello and good morning to 100 people on Presque Isle while biking 100 miles.” said Jon DeMarco.

While the challenge is a fundraiser, it’s not the only one. The partnership has decided to relaunch Discover Presque Isle this summer. The details are still being worked out.

“This is Discover Presque Isle. Whether you’ve already discovered Presque Isle already, we hope you come back and rediscover Presque Isle at the end of July.” DeMarco said.

There is no time limit if you choose the My PI 100 challenge.

The Discover Presque Isle schedule is due to come out by July 4th.

To learn more information on these fundraisers, you can click here for all the details.

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