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The excitement is building for Memorial Day weekend as lawns are mowed and patio furniture is set out for the summer.

Preparations are also underway at Presque Isle State Park where a big crowd is expected, weather permitting, of course.

A lot has already been done to groom the beaches and otherwise make the park ready for the return of summer visitors.

For several months, park staff have been working to recruit a full crew of lifeguards, despite the often-publicized lack of summer help. As new lifeguards get fully trained, more beaches will be able to be staffed.

“We have about 15 new lifeguards that we will be bringing on in the next few weeks. As the season goes, we’ll have more of our beaches open. For this week, we’ll have Beach 3, 6, 8, 10 and 11 open.” Said Bob North, Lifeguard Manager.

It may feel like summer, but the temperatures may not be there yet, especially the cooler lake water, so beaches could be posted for no or limited swimming even on a nice day, just based on the water temperature alone.

“Water will actually take the heat away a lot faster, so it depends on your metabolism and how you react to that again. We’ll keep the yellow flag up until it starts to get up in the lower 60’s, mid 60’s.” North said.

Here are some tips to a healthy start to the season:

  • Only swim in open guarded beaches
  • Limit your time in cold water
  • Limit your time in the sun, especially early in the season
  • Don’t be afraid to ask park staff for help or directions

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