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This week marks the return of in-person workshops sponsored by Presque Isle State Park.

Since the programs are getting back to nature, it’s fitting that the first one looks at how to survive without modern technology.

Most people can’t go anywhere without our phones, so left without technology is unlikely. An upcoming Presque Isle workshop imagines just that, with some survival tips, the basics for using your head and not your cell phone.

“This class is kind of designed to show people how to utilize the natural resources in the environment, what they can use to start a fire to collect water, to purify water so we’ll even touch on some wild edibles.” said Brian Gula.

While you may not need these skills to survive, they are fun to learn and give a peace of mind knowing you could do it if you had to.

“So, if you are ever put in that situation instead of panicking, you’ll be grabbing this, this, this and there you go.” Gula said.

The Primitive Skills Workshop is set for Saturday, July 3rd from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at the A.U.W. Pavilion on Presque Isle.

Click here to learn more about the event and how to register.

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