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It’s that time of year when many of us start feeling cabin fever and get the urge to get outside. Staff members at Presque Isle State Park say that they have the answer.

Presque Isle staff members say a brisk beach hike may be just the answer for those feeling cooped up this winter. On March 14th, park educators will be doing just that, with a two mile, two-hour hike that might be the perfect remedy for the wintertime blues. It will not only be exercise, but also a learning experience too.

“We’re just going to talk about wildlife, probably the weather will be a big discussion as well because of the beaches and everything we’ll be on, and there will be a pretty good piece of park history, some of the things we can discuss in that location.” said Ray Bierbower, Presque Isle State Park.

But it might be wishful thinking to count on spring-like conditions for a mid-March walk, especially near the water. The advice is…dress for the elements, just to be sure.

“It’s probably going to be colder along the shoreline with the wind coming off there and the water still so cold, so bundle up in some layers at least and probably a good pair of hiking boots or something waterproof.” Bierbower said.

The Presque Isle day hike is set for Saturday, March 14th from 10a.m. to noon or so. Hikers should meet at the Pine Tree Pavilion on the park. There is no pre-registration required and there is no cost to enjoy a walk in the park in early spring.

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