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The start of spring is now just a little more than a week away and that is causing some excitement around area state parks. There are two upcoming events at Presque Isle State Park to help usher in the new season.

It won’t be long before the chill of winter is chased away by the warming temperatures of spring. Staff members at Erie’s two state parks are hoping to use the facilities to get that spring in your step.

First, there is an up close look at the park in spring that begins with a fire at the rotary pavilion on March 20th. When we say it will be an up close look at the park, we mean it.

“We’re even going to get a little dirty because we’ll be talking about mud and dirt because what is spring without a little bit of mud? It’s what helps those beautiful flowers grow.” said Emily Pritchard.

A less earthbound event will welcome spring at Erie Bluffs State Park. The equinox sky will be in focus at a spring sky gazing event on March 23rd. We’re told it’s the perfect time of year, even if you have to dress for the elements.

“The heat is down and the haze in the sky is very minimal so you have clear, crisp view of the sky. It’s a perfect time to see the bright stars, the constellations and even one or two planets will be visible that night.” Pritchard said.

The first spring equinox event is set up for Friday, March 20th for kids ages seven and up. Dress for the Elements because things could get a little muddy. There is no cost or registration and you are to meet at the rotary pavilion.

Then, there is the Erie Bluffs stargazing event. That’s set for Monday, March 23rd at Erie Bluffs. The start time is 7:30pm and there is no fee. They encourage you to bring a lawn chair and you can also bring your own viewing device.

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