PI 365- How well do you know Presque Isle’s history??

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How well do you know the history of Presque Isle?

If you think you’d do “pretty well” with that subject, you may want to test yourself at an upcoming Presque Isle trivia night.

Who was the famous hermit said to live on Presque Isle?

How many miles of bike path are on the park?

Two of the dozens of possibly questions facing participants in this year’s Presque Isle trivia night February 25th. There are only 40 spaces are available for teams of up to four people each.

“It’s going to be a friendly competition of sorts of all things related to the peninsula.” said Emily Pritchard.

You may learn quickly that going to the park and knowing the park are two different things. But, there are rewards for those who succeed. In fact, there are rewards for everyone who participates.

“It will be taking place at the TREC in the evening hours, the cost for the program will include a snack of pop and chips and drinks available. There’s also going to be prizes and everyone is not going home with a complimentary gift whether you are a winner or not.” Pritchard said.

The Presque Isle Trivia Night is set for February 25th. Payment and pre-registration are required by February 20th. The cost is $10 per person and covers prizes, drinks and snacks.

You can register online or call the park office at 814-833-7424.

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