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Many of us continue to enjoy Presque Isle State Park all year round. But, there are some special challenges to remember now that winter is here.

Presque Isle State Park is especially beautiful in the wintertime, but that beauty comes with a warning. There are dangers specific to visiting the park during the colder months.

The first is not travelling on ice dunes, which are caused by lake waves but often aren’t nearly as solid as they appear.

“Ice dunes can pop up at any time. They’re usually hollow and they’re very dangerous. Besides the slipping hazard and the tripping hazard, you can actually fall through there. So, unless it’s cold or someone is with you, you may not get out of them.” said Bryan Hogan, a ranger at Presque Isle State Park.

Also, the ice doesn’t just stay out in the water. Depending on conditions, ice can form on trails, roadways, walkways, just about anywhere a park visitor may want to go. So, the best is advice is to be ready for anything.

“Be prepared, have your phone charged, dress in layers and have spare clothes in the car, have important numbers for tow companies and the ranger station. In a worst case scenario, call 911, they’ll get a hold of us.” Hogan said.

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