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We’ve all had to get a little creative to get things done during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the naturalists who hold workshops at Presque Isle State Park, that means teaching by computer. It’s a practice that could continue even after the COVID-19 threat is over.

From programs on the plants and animals of Presque Isle State Park to the history of maps in the area, the Presque Isle State Park staff’s mission has not been stopped by COVID-19, but it has gone virtual as in person workshops are now presented at home by computer.

“They started out a little on the slow side, but schools have been participating and joining up and watching and the public has picked up the pace and joining us so our numbers are steadily growing.” said John Laskos.

One advantage to workshop by computer is the reach as the talks can be viewed across the country, and by people who can’t make it to the park.

“Even on nice days like this, there are people who are relegated to staying indoors. Virtual programming is a great tool to deliver natural programming to those people.” Laskos said.

The virtual workshops continue on a computer near you.

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