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Presque Isle State Park staff continue to host virtual programs with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions preventing in-person workshops.

May is a busy month with something planned for every Friday.

Five straight Fridays of virtual programming in May. It’s news that has everybody talking.

“The sound you heard is actually a frog. Many people think it’s a duck because it sounds kind of ‘quack quack’ sound, so not all frogs make the ‘ribbit ribbit’ sound. A lot of different frogs make many different sounds.” said Stacey Marendt.

That’s just one program in a wide range of offerings in May, designed to continue the park’s mission of education when in-person workshops just aren’t quite safe yet.

“So, we have quite a variety of virtual programming going on on Fridays in May and I definitely encourage you to try to tune in if you can.” Marendt said.

The virtual workshops take place every Friday in May from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

One of the highlights being Frog Frenzy set for May 14th.

You must register a few days in advance to get your password for the virtual programs.

For a full schedule and registration details, you can click here.

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