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PI 365

This week’s PI 365 is focused on the area’s “other” state park, Erie Bluffs State Park. That’s where houses can be found for some species of migrating birds.

This week, we’re traveling west from Presque Isle State Park to Erie Bluffs, the peninsula’s smaller and more rustic brother.

Tucked here are 17 nest boxes designed to give shelter to a series of migrating birds where one is sought more than others.

“Typically, we’re hoping for bluebirds, that’s kind of the crown jewel, the whole program, but we get tree swallows and some of the various wrens as well who make homes in these boxes.” said Ray Bierbower, park naturalist.

You can learn more about these birds during a virtual seminar planned for April 10th. If interested, take advantage. In the real world, the season is short.

“If we get that late snow or really wet, dam spring, it can be really rough on them, but you only have June, July, then they’re wrapping up and they’re migrating out again.”

The virtual seminar on cavity nesters is set for April 10th from 10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m.

You can sign up for your login through the DCNR calendar of events.

Remember, if you go in person to Erie Bluffs, never disturb the nests.

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