Machining Concepts is 30 years old. The company does machining for the aerospace, medical device and oil and gas industries.

Jordon Bach was involved in robotics at Meadville High School. He’s worked at the company for three years and is now the lathe supervisor.

“I enjoy being able to take two parts, knowing those two parts come together and make something bigger down the line. I really enjoy that,” said Jordon Bach, lathe supervisor

Like other manufacturers in the region, Machining Concepts wants to hire more people like Jordan, but recruitment is competitive.

“Seems that people with skills are grabbed up pretty quickly by all the manufacturing companies throughout the industry. Not only are we competing with other companies for work, we’re also competing with other companies for employees too,” said Jarad Willats, general manager

To better attract new workers, Willats said their company has increased starting wages, added profit sharing and other incentives, and increased time off.

Machining Concepts is always looking for skilled workers, those that have been to trade school or maybe Votech. But if you have no experience at all but have a desire to work, to learn and maybe have some mechanical ability, there’s always a place for you here, and now’s the time to take advantage of the opportunities.

“We always need good set-up people. people who actually can get their hands on a piece of machinery, be given a print and some material and know what to do, but we’ve also in the past five years, and even more recently, looked for anyone who has a mechanical background that’s willing to learn a new trade, come in and learn from the ground up and get paid while they’re doing it. We’re willing to train,” said

Mill Department supervisor Matt Schultz is evidence of that. When he walked in the door, he didn’t have a clue what went on there.

“I didn’t know anything. I was 20 years old, trying to figure things out after high school and just walked in the door with no experience. I got hired, went to a two-year program, and I’ve been here for 20-some years,” said Schultz.

And now he’s teaching and working alongside the new guys. What would he say now to his 20-year-old self?

“I would say there are a lot of opportunities, a lot of possibilities to grow in manufacturing. the business itself — in manufacturing — is growing and changing all the time. There are all kinds of different machines that are being built and technology is growing, it’s just an exciting time,” Schultz added.