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A recent warning from more than 200 scientists say that COVID-19 may be more infectious than previously thought. They state that COVID-19 can be transmitted through the air by particles that can linger for hours.

Now, a team of researchers have found a solution to these aerosols and it all starts with chaning the way people spit.

A single cough or sneeze can send hundreds of virus particles that may carry the Coronavirus into the air.

“If we could reduce the amount of droplets that are sustained in the air, I think it would be an effective measure.” said Michael Kinzel, PhD, Assistant Professor of the University of Central Florida.

Is a cough drop the answer? This team is developing a product similar to a cough drop that can thicken saliva particles and make them heavier when released during a cough or a sneeze.

“Then, they will tend to fall down rather than transmit to the next person.” said Kareem Ahmed, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida.

Using high-speed cameras, they use over-the-counter ingredients to test which will work best for their cough drop.

“Corn starch or peanut flour or agar agar, for example. These are good thickeners.” Ahmed said.

The team expects their cough drop to last about 20 to 40 minutes for a trip to a grocery or a short flight. They also say the combination of their cough drop and a mask could decrease the space needed between people.

“It could bring the distance down to two feet, about a third of the CDC guideline distance.” Ahmed said.

“Have people interact with each other more.” Kinzel said.,

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