Recovering from COVID-19 can be a long process filled with unexpected complications. A new survey conducted by the Cleveland Clinic shows one in every four Americans who tested positive for the virus has impacted their heart health.

“We definitely know that COVID does affect the heart. We know that the virus causes dysfunction within our vessels, it can precipitate clots in our legs, clots in our lungs, even clots in our heads or strokes.” said Dr. Tamanna Singh, Cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic.

The survey also revealed 41% of Americans have experienced at least one heart-related issue, such as shortness of breath, dizziness, increased blood pressure, or chest pain, since the beginning the pandemic. The respondents reported sitting more throughout the day.

“What we found was more individuals were actually sedentary than not.” Dr. Singh said.

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Experts say that simply moving more and sitting less can lower the risk for heart problems, so can consuming a healthy diet of unprocessed foods and adopting an overall healthy lifestyle but 1/3 of survey respondents didn’t know that stress, high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking can increase the risk of heart disease.

“We can’t take control of our genetics, but we can still reduce our risk by 90 percent.” Dr. Singh said.

Just simple steps, such as including more vegetables and exercising a little each day. It can add up and benefit your heart.