Your Health — A trip to the eye doctor could reveal much more about your health than you think

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No matter race or gender, heart disease is the leading cause of death for Americans.

In fact, one person dies every 36 seconds from cardiovascular disease and many of them don’t even know they have it.

The key to survival is early detection and treatment.

Lou Baxter has more.

Your next trip to the eye doctor may reveal much more than whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted.

Cardiologists and ophthalmologists are working together to prove the eyes are truly a window to your heart. Already used by eye doctors to image the retina, now an Optical Coherence Tomography Scan, or OCT, can reveal even more. 

Decreased blood flow caused by heart disease may cause cells in the retina to die, leaving behind permanent marks called RIPLs (ripples). A new study revealed that individuals with RIPLs (ripples) in one or both eyes had a higher chance of developing cardiovascular disease. 

Enabling doctors to begin early therapy and reduce the chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

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