Your Health- Boosting natural killer cells in the body to destroy dangerous cells such as cancer or COVID-19

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They’re called natural killer cells, cells in the body that search out and destroy dangerous cells that have mutated such as cancer.

Now scientists at the University of Central Florida say that boosts of the body’s cancer fighting immunity may also help fight COVID-19.

Scientists describe these as assassins in the human body.

Malignant or dangerous cells are seen here in color. Watch what happens when the natural killer cells find them.

“If you see in those videos that the bad guys are being killed, removed, they lose their color. then we know that the cells worked well,” said Dr. Alicja Copik, PHD, Immunologist at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

Cancer researcher Alicja Copik developed the immunity boosting technology that stimulates natural killer cells to increase in number and fight malignant cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

“Initially we started leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia and we found that the cells work very well,” said Dr. Copik.

Scientists have also tested the cells in vitro on other types of cancer, including solid tumors.

Now Kiadis Pharma is testing Copik’s developed technology to see if natural killer cells will enhance the immune system to protect against viruses such as the Coronavirus, killer cells wiping out cancer and maybe COVID-19 in the process.

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