Your Health- Smart helmet at airports used to scan visitor’s temperatures for COVID-19

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As summer is upon us, people will start heading to airports.

As restrictions ease, what are airports doing to protect travelers? We’ll share some details on what could be coming to an airport near you to keep you safe from COVID-19.

Travelers arriving from Florida at Flint Bishop Airport in Michigan are warmly greeted by an officer. What they don’t realize is that hiding behind the visor on her helmet is a tiny camera scanning their temperatures. It red flags anyone registering 100.4°

The Smart Helmet is a new tool to help detect COVID-19.

“The brain of it is right up here in the top. It has a camera on the front of it right here. It also has an infrared camera on the picatinny rail on the side of it here. That’s thermal imaging.” Said Wayne McIntyre, Chief of the Flint Bishop Airport Police.

The helmet can scan up to 30 people at a time, from 21 feet away. It was developed by a company in Italy and first used in Rome.

“When we started at first with the pandemic. We did take temperatures, just remotely, with just an officer here at the door, but we were missing the people coming off the plane and that was a big gap.” Said Nino Sapone, Airport Director.

The display on the inside looks like a 72-inch screen in front of the user’s right eye. It’s giving the flying community added peace of mind.

“Just as your safety features are on your plane. Anything else you can do, the more you know, the better you make your choice.” Said Larry Black, a Traveler.

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