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At this point in the pandemic, there have been over 12 million cases of COVID-19 in the U.S.

Now with the Pfizer vaccine as well as Biontech and Moderna all concluding phase three trials of their COVID-19 vaccine candidates, you may be asking yourself should I get vaccinated?

Here are some insights on what you should know about these potential vaccines.

At least one in three Americans said that they will not get a COVID vaccine if and when it becomes available.

“I don’t think vaccines are necessary for the flu.”

“Absolutely I would be first in life for it.”

“Maybe it may change your DNA.”

“It’s hard to tell what information is real and what’s not.”

One myth floating around is that a vaccine will make you test positive. A COVID-19 vaccine will not make you test positive for a current COVID infection on a viral test.

However, you could test positive on some antibody tests if you have developed an immune response.

Myth number two is that you don’t need a vaccine if you have already had the virus. If you have already been sick, you can still benefit from a vaccine.

This protects you from both getting sick again or becoming a carrier.

The last myth is heard immunity, or the idea of letting the virus infect as many people as it can until it runs out of people to infect is better than a vaccination.

An institute at the University of Washington said that for herd immunity to be effective, at least 13 million people will have to die globally of COVID-19, and one million in the U.S.

“So that’s important that people still be mindful of getting their vaccines,” said Ketan Pandya, MD, FACEP, Emergency Department Medical Director at Teamhealth.

Even as vaccines start rolling out, for now the best protection is still…

“Being a good citizen, wearing your mask, socially distancing yourself if you’re feeling sick, or just avoiding large crowds, frequent hand washing, all those things will continue to be important,” said Dr. Pandya.

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