Tipping and gift giving during the holiday season is always a nice way to show your appreciation to those who take care of you all year long. 

Our frugal fashionista Valerie Weaver shared a few holidays tipping guidelines and etiquette. 

Tis the season for tipping and giving gifts and it is important but can be confusing. 

It pays to be generous to those who take care of you all year long whether it be your cleaning gal or hairdresser. 

For those people who offer you services on a regular basis you want to show your appreciation for a job well done. 

Here are a few guidelines from “Real simple” that might help you.

Specific amounts will vary.

Who to tip?

  • Hairstylist or barber
  • Housekeeper
  • Newspaper carrier
  • Pet groomer

Tips will vary but the rule of thumb for most is the cost of one visit or session. The important thing to remember is how often you use these services.

If you see someone a couple times a month vs once a month you are going to tip them a little more or give them a gift equivalent to their services. Gift giving is fine as well as you know what they like and would appreciate.

Who to gift?


A gift or card worth at least $50, depending on length of service and your position. Avoid anything too personal like perfume or clothing.


$25 assuming the school allows gifts, a gift card to a coffee shop or bookstore.

Personal trainer

Tip or gift is appropriate up to one session value, just don’t buy them chocolates or cookies!

Letter carrier

Nothing is usually expected, but if you have a friendly relationship a gift card in the $20 range is a nice gesture.

When it comes to tipping and gift giving, specific amounts will vary with circumstances and budget. And regardless of what it is, it is the thought that counts.