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Tax season is upon us and while some are calling accountants, others are heading online to file.

There are different ways to save when filing taxes and one of the quickest ways is by heading online.

In a matter of minutes and a few clicks, you can complete your taxes.

When heading to the IRS website you can find different links to help file for free, depending on your income.

However for some, it may still be best to have some assistance before filling out the forms.

“If you have self employed income, if you have a lot of different forms and you’re just not comfortable with how to place them on your taxes, you would want to come in and seek some help to make sure you’re getting all of the deductions and making sure everything is being reported properly,” said Jason Williams, Officer Manager, Liberty Tax Service.

If you choose to file online, the IRS describes the requirements for each of the links you can file for free on, if your income is less than $69,000. For those who make over that, there is another place you could go in order to file for free.

“It’s an H&R Block platform. They’ve been offering this free tax filer prep tool for a number of years. But, this is the first year where they’ve removed any income limit,” said Cheryl Bates, Program Director, Erie Free Taxes, United Way.

If you prefer to have the face to face help, “The higher your income you may want to seek some hep to be sure everything is being done properly. Even if you have lower income it doesn’t hurt to have a professional look at it just to make sure you get all the deductions and credits you should be getting,” said Williams.

For those with lower incomes there are organizations that can help you file for free as well.

“We like to save our tax filers as much money as possible and when you go to a for-profit tax business, charges can be quite burdensome for our lower wage income tax filers,” said Bates.

The last day you can file your tax return in April 15th.

The United Way explained that one of the most common questions they hear is how long will it take to get the refund. They say according to the IRS, it takes around 21 days.

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