PENNSYLVANIA (WETM) – The race for governor in Pennsylvania is heating up as more Republicans throw their hat into the ring for November’s election.

Seven out of the nine running Republicans took center stage in Erie, P.a. Wednesday morning, making their case for why they should be elected to the states highest office.

“I’m running for Governor because we are in a battle for the heart and soul of this nation, and those battle lines run right through Pennsylvania,” candidate Charlie Gerow said.

The candidates discussed tops ranging from infrastructure, the economy and education. The biggest topics pertained to job creation and the high gas prices American’s are facing at the pump.

“My plan is to put people first and the thing we can do to put people first is make sure they can get to work and not have to pay $100 to get to work because of the high gas prices,” Sen. and gubernatorial candidate Jake Corman said. “I’ve recommended and introduced a bill this week that would reduce the gas tax.”

Candidate Bill McSwain agreed, highlighting Pennsylvania as the state with the highest gas tax, which sits at 59-cents per gallon.

“We need to get the government off peoples back, we need to cut taxes and have pro growth tax relief,” McSwain said. “It can start with the gas tax.”

Another topic discussed among the candidates was the high cost of healthcare, which has grew nearly 10-percent in 2020, reaching 4.1 trillion or $12,530 per person, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“Healthcare is a challenge and it has been for decades,” gubernatorial candidate Dr. Nche Zama said, adding that he would support businesses purchasing insurance their own insurance for employees. “One of the most pivotal aspects of that is cost and quality.”

For a handful of candidates, education also took center stage.

“I would change our education system,” candidate and former United States Representative Melissa Hart said. “Right now we have some public school districts that are serving our students very well and some that just aren’t serving students and families at all.”

While each candidate had their own ideas on how to run the state, they all agreed on one thing – they said they would be a better fit for office than current governor Tom Wolf and now Democratic candidate and Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who launched his campaign in October.