The transfer of power took place Tuesday on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol Building.

Josh Shapiro officially became the new governor of the commonwealth. He then addressed the crowd on hand – paying tribute to the sacrifices made and the work done in the past and laying out his vision for the future.

Shapiro became the 48th person to take the oath of office as Pennsylvania governor. His left hand was on three bibles including one that was inside the Tree of Life Synagogue during the 2018 shooting that claimed 11 lives.

Shapiro took his oath in front of four former Pennsylvania governors, including Tom Ridge.

During his inaugural address, Shapiro pointed to his work as attorney general and said his agenda as governor came from the campaign trail.

“I heard your stories and those stories fuel my drive to serve. Your struggles give me purpose.  Your smiles and your tears, they have filled my heart. Your problems have become my priorities.  Your causes, my concerns,” said Gov. Shapiro.

Shapiro said voters rejected political extremism by electing him in November, and now is about the opportunity in Pennsylvania where everyone gets a shot.

“That is real freedom and that is our challenge. That is our calling and that is the next chapter in our Pennsylvania story that we start writing today altogether. That is our challenge, ” Gov. Shapiro continued.

Austin Davis, 33, also took his oath of office and is Pennsylvania’s first black lieutenant governor and the second youngest ever.