It’s campaign season and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro made several stops in Erie on Wednesday.

The candidate toured a local plumbers training center, where he shared his plans to expand the Pennsylvania workforce. Josh Shapiro, Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, visited Erie and toured Plumbers Local 27.

Shapiro met with union leaders to discuss the importance of investing in vocational training programs.

“This is the way of the future: investing in these kind of trades, investing in apprenticeship programs, showing young people the opportunity to a future that is full of success through VO tech and computer training,” said Josh Shapiro (D), candidate for Pennsylvania governor.

Several union leaders said they believe Shapiro supports workers’ rights.

“Josh Shapiro prosecuted the largest employer wage theft in the history of Pennsylvania, and put $21 million back in the pockets of exploited workers. If that’s not being for the working man, I don’t know what is,“ said TJ Sandell, business agent, Plumbers Union Local 27.

Shapiro said while he’s leading in the race, he’ll continue to ask Pennsylvanians for their vote until the polls close.

“I run like I am 50 points behind every single day and work tirelessly. I am interviewing for a job with 13 million Pennsylvanians, asking them to let me be their governor, to fight for them, to be their ally and their advocate,” Shapiro added.

Shapiro said if elected, he will advocate for all Pennsylvania residents.

“I’ve been proud to run twice statewide and win both times on the strength of having not just Democrats but Republicans and Independents cross party lines and support me. We’ve been able to build broad bipartisan coalition both times, and I think we’re poised to be able to do that again this time,” said Shapiro.

Shapiro’s opponent, Republican candidate Doug Mastriano, will visit Erie on Friday, Oct. 14.