A family owned business, Jamestown Mattress is continuing the tradition of manufacturing the finest quality mattresses and box springs.  The business was first started by the W.I. Blystone Company in 1886.  The Pullan family purchased the business in 1981.  Family members oversee every phase of the manufacturing operation, taking great pride in our Jamestown Mattress product in your home.   

Jamestown Mattress produces it’s own line of high quality mattresses and boxsprings.  It sells them factory direct through its retail stores as well as wholesale to other businesses.  It also carries a fine selection of daybeds, headboards, futons, bunkbeds and adjustable beds available to the general public.  

In 1994, Jamestown mattress purchased a quilting machine that enabled it to quilt mattress materials for production and for sale to smaller companies not having the machinery for producing their own materials.  It added a 2nd state-of-the-art quilting machine in 2003 to enhance its quilting capabilities.  This allowed the company to introduce deluxe pillow top bedding to their current lines.  

To make room for the extra business its new capabilities would create, Jamestown Mattress constructed a new 4000 square foot addition to its Jamestown plan location.

When Jamestown Mattress first began operations in 1981, it had only three employees.  Today, that figure has grown to 35 full time employees working for them.  

We invite everyone to stop by any one of their locations to view the finest bedding from this family owned and operated company.  

Jamestown Mattress is one of the few places left that still make and sell the flip mattress.  Many would say, a mattress is a mattress. 

There are many benefits to having a flip mattress. 

  • You have 4x the sleep surface than a regular mattress
  • More even wear on your mattress
  • Extended life of your mattress
  • Extended comfort from your mattress

Here are some tips for caring for your mattress: 

  • Cover your mattress with a cotton mattress pad.  This will absorb perspiration and can be removed for easy washing. 
  • Rotate or flip your mattress regularly.  Come up with a routine, for example use the time change as a reminder, for example: in the spring time change you can spin your mattress, and in the fall time change you cal flip your mattress.  
  • If there are handles on the side of your mattress use them to help you position your mattress,  typically they are not reinforced enough to be used to pick up your mattress. 
  • Air out your mattress each morning.  When you get up fold back the covers to the bottom of the bed for about 30 minutes before you make your bed.  

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