Here at JET 24 we are honoring Remarkable Women who have made a difference in our community.

Charlotte Berringer has made it her life mission to help those in need, not only in her capacity as the face of the county Health Department fighting COVID-19, but also with missionary work for those in need.

She is a familiar face that became even more familiar over the past two years during the pandemic.

Char Berringer is the Director of Health Services of the Erie County Health Department. She has been the go to for all questions and concerns related to COVID-19.

“This whole pandemic has certainly been the most intense public health work that I’ve done in the last 39 and a half years,” said Char Berringer, Remarkable Woman finalist.

While helping the community navigate through a pandemic, Char also demonstrates a high degree of caring through her work outside of the health department.

“I have a general philosophy of life, it’s called love god, love your family, work hard, but make sure you leave room to play and to rest. It’s a continuous balance, and to be honest, these last two years it’s been more of a challenge than ever, especially for the play and the rest,” said Berringer.

She is a regular when it comes to donating blood, and through her church she serves on health care related mission trips.

“I did get to do a domestic one last summer and I’ll be doing it again this summer. There’s a non profit in Philadelphia called the Philly Dream Center that works with homeless, they’re located in a very poverty stricken area of Philadelphia. And they bring in teams of people to help with what they do,” said Berringer.

Berringer also volunteers on trips not only in the US, she has also taken two trips to Africa.

“We’re made to serve and that’s one way that it can be expressed. I have a heart for people in poverty. Public health works so much with people in poverty. So much that I have worked for in the last 39 and a half years is to help bring people out of that. It just fits hand in glove,” said Berringer.

She was nominated by her husband, Gary, who said she is an inspiration about what it means to be a public servant to others such as her family, neighbors and the community.