Here at JET 24 we continue to recognize and celebrate local women who have made a difference in our community.

Maxine Overton has spent the majority of her life caring for others — literally. She’s one of our Remarkable Women finalists.

Jennifer Mobilia reports. 

A woman who always puts the needs of others before her own. That’s how friends describe Maxine Overton.

“I try to be aware, or sensitive, to other people and their needs,” said Maxine Overton, Remarkable Women finalist.

A true caregiver. 

Overton worked at the State Correctional Institute in Albion for more than 20 years caring for staff and inmates. She retired as the Director of Nursing.  

“I think as a minority working in corrections and a large percentage of the inmates were minorities, I was a person that kind of helped break the ice. When there were things going down I could even things out a little bit,” said Overton.

But caring for others was in her blood, even during a pandemic.  

Overton could have retired, but despite being at a high risk for contracting COVID-19, she continues to work as a registered nurse at Millcreek Community Hospital.

“I enjoy what I do. Healthcare, it’s like a calling and I enjoy it. Right now I would have regular patients, at one time I had inmates. But you just feel like you’re needed, I just enjoy it,” said Overton.

Overton raised four children while working full time, but she always made sure she was there for her kids. 

“At one point in my life I had a full-time job and part-time job, and trying to raise kids. Where I live at, every place you had to go you had to drive the kids there. So it was transporting kids, working my job and taking care of home. So it was challenging,” said Overton.

Now, Overton helps care for her elderly mother.

“It’s important to me because I am her child and I feel indebted to her for bringing me into this world. But I also feel like it’s a privilege to take care of my mother. I just look forward to doing it,” said Overton.

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JET 24 is proud to honor Maxine Overton as one our Remarkable Women of Erie finalists.