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Motherhood is something many women look forward to. For Renea Kovski, her first child, Maggie, brought her so much joy.

“She was a crazy little girl. In to everything. Wanted to see everything. Loved the outdoors,” said Renea.

That light of little Maggie was sadly taken too soon.

“Sadly one day, it was like the first nice day of that year, 2007, on May 30th. And I asked if I could have a babysitter watch Maggie… I received a call that I had to go to the hospital. That there was an accident. And found out that Maggie had passed away,” said Renea.

Maggie had drowned in a pond. Renea, being a mother and losing her daughter was beyond heartbroken. She had support from all over.

“That was like the most devastating thing I ever had to do, live through. And we started receiving cards from people, I mean even all over the world. We had some from Germany and some from England. I mean it was just bizarre how far it reached,” said Renea.

Her tragedy became a foundation that’s helped nearly 100 couples in the 12 years it’s been around. She said one of the tougher things was coming up with a meaningful name.

“Just sat in my office one day and didn’t come out until I thought of it. And I came up with New Blossoms New Life because my mother had given us a dogwood tree when Maggie was born. And I thought it would be appropriate to offer a grant to a couple when the dogwood’s were in bloom and offer them a chance at new life,” said Renea.

Little did Renea know that New Blossoms New Life would become a foundation that’s garnered the support of the Steelers, Browns and more. The first year alone helped more than one couple.

“We did more fundraisers, and we were able to help 4 couples the first year. I’m like this is crazy,” Renea remarked.

That maternal instinct never left her. Wanting another child but unable to, she and her husband decided to have a family friend be a surrogate.

“I went to all of the appointments with her. I did all that stuff. But it was really weird to know that’s my child in there,” said Renea.

Mitchell was born in 2008 and Renea loves being his mom. He knows all about his sister and her legacy.

“It’s pretty awesome. And Mitchell knows. We’ve told him from the start about Maggie. That he has a sister in heaven watching over him. And he does a lot for the foundation when we do fundraisers and things like that, he comes and volunteers. We tease him about he’s going to take over someday for mamma when I too old,” laughed Renea.

Renea knows she’s been able to impact the lives of so many families. One child’s even been named after Maggie and another after Renea. Her mission is to bring new life and new hope to families and make her daughter proud.

“Maggie had a hand in it of course. And everything I do I try to do just to make sure she’s proud of her mamma,” said Renea.

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