Here at JET 24 we are honoring Remarkable Women who have made a difference in our community.

We’re highlighting long-time journalist and Erie County Council President Liz Allen. She is one of our four Remarkable Women finalists.

Her name appeared in the Erie Times News for 30 years.

Allen was one of Erie’s most popular columnists before retiring. She then entered politics and became president of Erie County Council.

“I do not leave and say I’m going to leave journalism and now I wanna run for city council. That was not on my mind at all. I don’t know, I thought I could make a difference. I still hope that that’s the case,” said Liz Allen, Remarkable Woman Finalist.

Writing and telling stories about the community is what Allen deeply cares about. It always came easy, but Allen’s life story has not always been so easy.

“When my husband Pat died, we thought this is the worst thing in the world that can happen, and then when my son Pat died, it was like ‘God this really isn’t fair,'” said Allen.

But Allen said that a business trip to New York City shortly after September 11 helped her realize that while life isn’t always fair, she wasn’t alone.

“I remember walking down one of the big avenues and just feeling what I say is a moment of grace. I realize my son and husband had been gifts to me and I wish they were still here you know. It’s still very hard. The grief never goes away okay, but I kind of say to myself ‘be appreciative of the time that you have,'” said Allen.

In her free time, Allen enjoys writing monthly stories for the Erie Reader, riding her bike, going for walks, reading books and being an Erie SeaWolves usher.

“I don’t have any regrets. I mean, if I could rewrite history, probably stop some of those unfortunate incidents with loss, but no regrets ever,” said Allen.

Allen shares this advice for other women.

“I would just say you don’t have to be a writer or run for council, but I think find your voice and say it, and realize that other women can be really supportive,” said Allen.

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JET 24 is proud to recognize Liz Allen as one of our four Remarkable Women finalists.