The Erie region is home to many remarkable women. Many of you recently nominated scores of local women for our Remarkable Women campaign.

On Friday March 6th, we will announce one local winner who will be flown to New York City to appear on the Mel Robbins show on Fox 66.

Tonight our finalist is a local woman who has dedicated her life to public service in a variety of ways.

She’s resilient, a fighter, and caring. 29-year-old Megan Crotty has devoted her life to community service.

“Growing up it was just kind of normal. If you’re a Crotty, you’re a firefighter, and I’m a fifth generation firefighter. I spent so much time with my dad in the fire station growing up and not got involved myself as soon as I was able to,” said Megan Crotty, Remarkable Women finalist.

So it seems she was destined for public service. It’s a family affair.

“So I’d say it’s my dad who really drew me into it, and then growing up, my cousin got involved too. He was my best friend, so we always tagged along and learned everything we could,” said Crotty.

The day before she turned 18, Megan’s cousin Mike also a Lawrence Park volunteer fireman, died on duty. That’s when her desire to service changed to medicine.

She spent six years as a registered nurse and then decided to become a trauma surgeon.

She’s now completing her final year at medical school at LECOM.

Her road to med school though was a bumpy one. Two days before being accepted back in 2016, she was injured while fighting a fire.

“I was footing the base of a ladder, and the firefighter with the hose line at the top of the ladder was blown off due to a water hammer in the line, and he fell off at a pretty good speed and landed on my head,” said Crotty.

She had back surgery and worked hard to start medical school.

“It’s been a long time coming, but she’ll graduate in May of 2020, ready to serve the world as a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

“And I kinda took the scenic route to medical school, and you know just continuing to persevere and learn more and chase my dreams no matter what,” said Crotty.