Here at JET 24 we are once again honoring remarkable women from the region. Those who lead, change, and inspire the world around them.

For the past 37 years, Carrie Kontis has served for those with intellectual disabilities at the Barber National Institute.

Her pride to give others an opportunity for success started early on in her career.

Kontis is always willing to help others before herself.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated. I really do believe in that and we do that on a daily basis even during COVID-19,” said Carrie Kontis, Chief Officer of Intellectual Services at the Barber National Institute.

Kontis serves as the Chief Officer of Intellectual Disabilities Services at the Barber National Institute. A non-profit that provides services to adults and children with disabilities.

For Kontis, her dedication to improve the lives of those with disabilities started early.

“I started as a live in house manager back in 1983 which sounds like forever ago. We literally lived in the house with some residents,” said Kontis.

Everyday duties included helping residents get ready for their day and teaching them life long skills.

Since then, she has created endless friendships and relationships. The career has even given her the opportunity to lead the day programs across Erie, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

“Now to the point that I’m at. At this point chief officer of intellectual disabilities, overseeing programs that do those same type of things residential services, things for our employment services. My goal is to have the individuals help them stay safe, help them stay happy, have them be happy. A quality of life throughout life,” said Kontis.