As we continue our Remarkable Women series, our next finalist is not only known for her work in our community but known around the country for her work in the autism community.

 “I was truly honored. We have many, many, great women in our community, and the thought that I was one of the four finalists really, I was very honored,” said Dr. Maureen Barber Carey, Remarkable Woman finalist.

Dr. Maureen Barber Carey has worn many hats throughout her years at the barber national institute — classroom aide, teacher, supervisor, director and now executive vice president.

She began volunteering at the center when she was just 13 years old. 

“Gertrude Barber was my aunt. So she was my role model. Obviously from the point that I was a very young 10 or 11-year-old and in the barber family, it was believed when you became a teenager, you should start volunteering,” Dr. Barber Carey added.

In the early 90s, Dr. Barber Carey spearheaded the development of programs for children with autism.

Nearly 30 years later, she remains a strong advocate for persons with autism. She serves on numerous local, state, and national boards and said her work is far from over. 

“We need to know more about the causes of autism causes of various developmental disabilities without knowing what the causes are. We can’t come up with the very best treatment,” Dr. Barber Carey continued.

But like many women, Dr. Barber Carey had to find a way to balance her career with being a wife and a mom.

“We are very committed to each other, so in our organization, if you say you needed to go to your child’s play at 2 p.m. on any given day, we would say, ‘of course, you have to go to that.’ Or if your child is sick, you have to,” said Dr. Barber Carey. “It is important to find an organization for which the family is the key and that’s what we are here at the Barbara National Institute.”

Dr. Barber Carey has this advice for other women trying to make a difference in their community while also raising a family and having a successful career. 

“I would say, think about it and take your time. It is critical that you do have that work-life balance. In my family, for me, my son always came first,” Dr. Barber Carey added.

Congratulations Dr. Maureen Barber Carey on being one of our Remarkable Women finalists!