At JET 24/FOX 66, we continue our Remarkable Women series, and if you live in Millcreek Township, you probably know our finalist because she’s been a public servant there for decades. 

“I am just so honored.” — Judy Zelina.

Judy Zelina began serving Millcreek Township 34 years ago when she was elected tax collector.  After serving three terms, she became Millcreek’s director of public services — a job she’s been doing for the last 18 years. 

“I wanted to be a public servant. I love working with people. I love enriching their lives. Now as the tax collector, they may not be the happiest with you, but I would make sure they left feeling good about having to leave all that money,” said Judy Zelina, Remarkable Women finalist.

In her time as public services director, Zelina has expanded existing programs and added countless new programs all meant to inform, educate and aid the residents of Millcreek Township. 

“Public service to me is so important because you have so many voices out there that aren’t being heard, and I will hear every single voice,” Zelina added.

And that’s just one of the many reasons why Millcreek Township Supervisor Kim Clear nominated Judy Zelina as a Remarkable Woman. 

“Judy is remarkable because of her heart, her compassion, her enthusiasm and her belief in others. She raises other people up and empowers them to think more of themselves and want more for themselves,” said Clear.

Clear added that Zelina is an inspiration to others and a true asset to the community.

“I’ve seen how she has dedicated her entire life to her community. She believes in Millcreek with every fiber of her being, and she wants to help everyone of every socioeconomic group from every location in Millcreek Township,” Clear said.

And this Remarkable Women finalist has some advice for other women.

“Don’t let fear stop you from stepping outside of your comfort zone and reaching your goals because you know what, quite honestly, you are all remarkable,” said Zelina.

Congratulations to Judy Zelina on being named one of our Remarkable Women finalists.