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Remarkable Women

The Erie regionis home to many remarkable women.

We selected the finalists from your nominations, and each week this month we are sharing their stories with you.

On Friday March 6th, we will announce the local winner who will be flown to New York City to appear on the Mel Robbins show on Fox 66.

Tonight, our finalist is a local woman who has turned tragedy into opportunity. Emma Rose Lewis has the full story.

Motherhood is something many women look forward to.

For Renea Kovski, her first child, Maggie, brought her so much joy.

“She was a crazy little girl, into everything, wanted to see everything, loved the outdoors,” said Renea Kovski, Remarkable Women Finalist.

That light and joy of little Maggie was sadly taken too soon.

“I received a call that I had to go to the hospital, that there was an accident, and found out that Maggie had passed away, she drowned in a pond” said Kovski.

Being a mother and losing her child was heartbreaking. to Kovski it was the most devastating thing she ever had to do and live through.

Maggie was conceived through in vitro fertilization. Renea knew the best way to keep Maggie’s legacy alive was to help other couples with fertility issues with grants for I-V-F treatments.

“I talked to both of our families about it. His brother, Carl, wrote us our first check, and when he did that I said, ‘oh my gosh, now I really have to do this,'” said Kovski.

Her tragedy became a foundation that’s helped nearly 100 couples in the 12 years it’s been around.

She said coming up with a name for the foundation wasn’t easy.

“I sat in my office one day and just didn’t come out until I thought of it, and I came up with New Blossoms New Life because my mother had given us a dogwood tree when Maggie was born,” said Kovski.

Wanting another child, but unable to, she and her husband decided to have a family friend be a surrogate.

“I went to all of the appointments with her. I did all that stuff, but it was really weird to know that’s my child in there,” said Kovski.

Mitchell was born in 2008 and knows all about his sister and her legacy.

According to Kovski, Mitchell knows he was told from the start about Maggie.

Renea’s impacted so many families and made her daughter proud.

“Maggie had a hand in it of course, and everything I do I try to do just to make sure she’s proud of her mama,” said Kovski.

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